domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

biggest toy

We must consider what we actually do. In particle colliders , which have been in use over 50 years , no two particles collide in opposite directions but two groups of particles. The difference is not in vain and that interactions between products arising occur. In addition the data is not processed as input and output possibilities but statistically as what goes in and what comes out. Thus we have already entered the world of uncertainty. But this is it because we are not able to measure such sensitive data? or what really are immeasurable?
Thus what we are doing with the giant accelerators ? By increasing the energy of the collisions are not we really ' feeding ' the re- feeding among increasingly numerous products? That is this race has no goal and always will produce NEW PARTICLE . If we create particles that may not exist elsewhere in the universe , then what good is that? ARE WE READY FOR THE FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES OR JUST AS NATURE IN REACT extreme conditions? ?

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